Before I Come to You I Go to Him

God speaks to me when my soul is quiet. I hear him best when I am still.


Plans for Your Life

Good morning everyone, There are many important things to remember in life but some are more critical than others. For instance, "both Jesus and Satan have explicit plans for your life. It's up to you to choose which plan to follow." Your release date is yours for the asking? True freedom begins in the 💓 … Continue reading Plans for Your Life

God Will Only Take Your Baggage if You Give it to Him

"Do you trust Him with the life that He gave you?"

Troubles with Tribulations are Temporary

Good morning everyone. Though we would rather not endure trials and tribulations in this life, they are a given. The Good News: "Tribulations and heart aches don't last forever, they subside. Becoming a believer does not make you immune to tribulations but it does make you stronger.  "God never gives us more than we can … Continue reading Troubles with Tribulations are Temporary


"everything I know about life today stems from experience I happened upon, along the way."

Rewriting The Script

Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message: From: Denise Thornton Date: October 3, 2015 at 2:49:01 PM CDT To: Denise Thornton , vigo680viru Subject: Rewriting The Script Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. "I'm so glad I'm not afraid to step outside of my circle, especially when it begins to prevent me from spreading … Continue reading Rewriting The Script

The Equally Yoked Debate Will Blow Your Mind: It Did Mine!

All images; Photo Credit Google Images The longer we live the wiser we become, if we believe, chose to follow the Lord by obeying his word and humble ourselves. Looking back over my life, I can't help but recognize times when I allowed worldly wisdom instead of God's wisdom to prevail in my life. If … Continue reading The Equally Yoked Debate Will Blow Your Mind: It Did Mine!

The Purpose of Mountains That Won’t Move 

God didn't bring you this far to leave you....