When I was younger I would often say “if I could live my life all over again, 
I would do things differently.” But guess what? I no longer believe that. 
In fact, today I believe, if I could live my life all over again, I would 
live it the exact same way. How would I know to do anything any different?
Everything I know about life today stems from experience I happened upon,
along the way. So, when an older person tells you that "experience is the 
best teacher, believe it!" There are somethings you can never truly understand,
unless you acquaint yourself with the matter of contention.

Experience is the best teacher in the world, and while we as parents would like to provide our off-spring with short-cuts, it’s just not possible. Good training may help them minimize the amount of stumbling blocks they encounter, but, will never eliminate them.

Wouldn’t it be cool, if we could buy experience or even wisdom for that matter, you know like, when people buy hair, breast implants, shoes, clothes or the like? Of course, it would be, but it’s just not possible. Though man would have some believe store-bought sense equates wisdom and experience, it’s just not true.

Experience is so precious its value cannot be calculated. But you can calculate the value of human knowledge? The reason personal experience is worth it’s weight in gold, is because, not only can’t you but it, you can’t read about it, or master it before hand either. Let’s be real, “store-bought sense is no comparison to experience. As priceless as experience is, there is something even more valuable. Wisdom! Wisdom comes from God. Man can teach humans how to become wise, the can show some how to become smart….but God has the only key to wisdom.

Everything I’ve experienced in my life proved to be a lesson. Though youth often blinded me during times of trouble, in the end, maturity prepared me for the battle ahead as well as for life’s many bloopers. Each time I had to go through something a second or third time, I handled the situation better than I had the first time. That’s learning, that’s progress and that’s growth.

I don’t want to go back, not ever. Actually, it would be too much work. God didn’t bring me this far, to see me turn around and go back where He brought me from…I want to go places I’ve never been, do things I’ve never done and tell every body I meet about what the Lord has done for me!


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