Rewriting The Script

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Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

“I’m so glad I’m not afraid to step outside of my circle, especially when it begins to prevent me from spreading the wings God gave me.”

I learned a long time ago that it’s impossible to soar within the confines of a circle.

“I wanna fly every chance I get!”

The ability to still fly above personal turbulence is a special gift from God, as is the power to rise above complicated or handicapping circumstances.

Scripts of life are written in due seasons often rewritten numerous times throughout one’s lifetime. Sometimes it is necessary to go off script to make a point. God is known for going off man’s perceived script to accomplish His Will.

Going off script opens doors for miracles, paves the way for new ideas, while defining one’s purpose in life. Scripts are written to be changed.

“A life void of purpose is no life at all!”

If your life has taken a turn down a road you would rather not travel maybe it’s time to go off script!

In other words, “God’s trying to tell you something.” He wants you to prepare to change the course.

It’s time to go off script.”

The script I’m talking about is the one the world wrote. The only way to change it is going off!

I’ve been going off script most of my life. If it doesn’t sound right I’m not gonna follow the script, no matter who wrote it.

The Word is the only script that never changes, which means that when it comes to scripture God forbids us to go off script. But we do!

To accomplish God’s will one has to be innovative, bold, and intentional. “If your script is not working for you don’t be afraid to ask God to rewrite it.”

Minister Neecy


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