The Purpose of Mountains That Won’t Move 



“I concluded that it is worthwhile for people to find joy in their accomplishments, because that is their inheritance, since who can see what will exist after them?”

Ecclesiastes 3:22

When God is telling you don’t move but a sense of urgency to make tracks overpowers you be still, have faith; know that the Lord stands when you sit. Be patient, wherever the Lord is sending you He has already gone before you, to pave the way over the mountain. There will be moments when the clock stops while the world keeps moving but don’t let those the sequence of events confuse you. Your job is not to ask why, when or where. during these time you must proceed with because comprehending the fate of your immediate plight requires a willingness to face demons head on. Mountains appear in the lives of those who repeatedly ignore boundaries. However, God doesn’t erect mountains to block your view; He places them there to watch you rise to the occasion and climb.

Minister Neecy😇


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