How to Successfully Alleviate Stress and Survive


I guess it’s true, stress can kill and success is defined in many ways! In just five weeks, I learned several things about the effects of stress and how success or the lack of, are closely related.  And, to my surprise, I also learned that there are different kinds of stress?

“I don’t have time to worry about tomorrow because my plate is full of today”

No doubt people define success differently, but in my opinion, success is not part of an equation that includes a high level of stress. Who can dispute that “burdensome stress” is detrimental to one’s quality of life? Furthermore, “it is impossible to be at your best when you are stressed.”

If the life one lives is so stressful that it results in not wanting to, “ wake-up and smell the coffee” so-to-speak, then the overall assessment of that life is earnestly compromised.

Stress is a powerful energy! But, even though there is no way to live a life stress-free, there are many options available that can reduce or keep stress at a healthy level. A healthy stress level maximizes the brevity of life. Clearing one’s plate is a start. “The best way to effectively free one’s plate of life’s junk food for the soul is to do a self-inventory.” Once a self-inventory is done, the next step is to begin a process of elimination. Get rid of everything toxic, serves no purpose in your life, or causes a degenerative way of life. Be warned, though, sometimes this process means having to distance yourself from a lover, family member or close friend. People are major stress carriers! That said, it behooves you to start the process of elimination with people. Good luck with that!


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