Maybe you are a nice guy, pretty woman, and or brilliant human being; but are you happy, content and exceptionally confident in the state that you are in? Wise men and women aspire to find joy which comes from God and is the key to finding contentment in life regardless of circumstances. Foolish people depend man to make them happy. We both know how the latter usually ends. Wisdom is another godly gift available to the chosen. Wisdom is said to be more valuable than gold. Often confused with “store-bought-sense” wisdom is only afforded to those who believe that all of their strength, knowledge and worth comes from God.

A wise man or woman knows that at best, happiness can only get you through a bad day, while God’s joy is eternal capable of weathering every storm of life.

When I look back over my life I see numerous times when I mistook happiness for joy. One of those times was when my son was born. However, when God took him away I quickly learned the difference between “happiness and joy.”

Happiness is a temporary state of mind and is difficult to maintain. I cannot count the times it left me out in the cold. This time I was filled with grief, despair, anger and confusion. It could not give me peace, understanding or strength because the task of happiness is to make people feel good for a little while. On the other hand, joy comforted me when I ran out of happy memories, cried myself to sleep at night or entertained heart-wrenching thoughts. The joy I had the world did not give me so thank God, the world could not take it from me. Joy made it possible for me to trust God and understand that my son did not belong to me.


Minister Neecy


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