How To Find Your Purpose In Life?

Pink the Lord wants your burdens

It is not about me it’s about God.

Have you been wondering what your purpose in life is?

If the answer is yes, “start identifying desires in life you not only obsess about but are also uncontrollably passionate about.”

“Purpose does not exist without passion.”

“Once you search and identify your desires; remove any you know God would not approve of. ” Unfortunately there are times when we want something or somebody we don’t need, nor does the Lord want us to have. Making decisions to abandon wants of any kind is not always easy. However, if we can’t, God can.

Once you make a conscious decision to change how you live, think and behave; doors you never knew existed will begin to open, right before your very eyes. Believe it or not, God didn’t put us here to attest to our agony, even though He warned us of it’s coming. Overcoming adversity helps one grow stronger, emotionally and physically. As the old folk used to say “whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”

Why not ask God to help you make 2016 a year of purpose. Then, get ready and be willing to accept his plan for your life. It really is a win-win situation.

Dear Lord, show me your plans for my life. Bless me with wisdom, faith, love and joy so I can understand how to do your will while realizing my purpose.  Amen

Minister Neecy


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