It’s Not Easy Talking About Cancer


A few months ago my big sister was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. We’re 10.5 months apart. The two of us are the same age for about 2 months every year.

Since then she’s undergone a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation and so much more. I never imagined I’d see her like this. Life is full of surprises!

If this isn’t enough to digest… she’s still got at least a year of intensive treatment ahead of her; doctors tell us cancer patients aren’t considered cancer free, until they’ve survived at least 5 years, with no reoccurrence of cancer. That’s a long time to wait for peace of mind~

My sister’s a believer; a praying and faithful woman.

Thank God for that, because had she not been, my visit probably would’ve been for different reasons.

“Oh the double mastectomy surgery was successful.”

Currently there’s no sign of cancer left. “We give God all the credit for that miracle, as well as the Glory!” This was a beast of a burden, but by His stripes she is healed.

Most recently I find myself looking back over our lives, as siblings, women and mother’s. Hands down, my findings suggest we’ve been through a lot. I’m not saying we went through more than most women “I’m  saying, WOW…. women go through a lot.”

If it’s true that stress, diet and environment play key roles in the deterioration of women’s health and welfare; it’s no wonder so many women end up with cancer ~ or some other type of life-altering medical condition.

“It seems women are natural born burden bearers.”

We differ from men in that we regularly carry weights on our shoulders that rightfully belong to others; we do it more than any other living species.

For God-fearing and loving women…helping others is a natural labor of love. And yes, non- believers can love deeply too.

We must be careful not to lose ourselves in the midst of saving one another. “Not taking care of yourself first is a sure way to eventually fizzle out.

I’m not my sister’s caretaker, but I’ve seen more cases of caretakers burning out….because there was no one around to help care for them, than I care to mention.

By the grace of God, it doesn’t look like my sister’s gonna need one at this stage, because she’s already returned to work, full-time.

Thank You Jesus!


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