The Toxic Life?


The word toxic has taken on a life of its own. These days it’s applicable to far more situations than it should be. Is your life toxic?
It seems our hands have become accustomed to being dirty.

“With the Lord’s help I can and will wash my hands clean of life’s toxic waste.”

The old saying “everything I touch turns to (poop) can be attributed to toxic living. Sometimes it tastes good going down but oh my goodness when it comes back up its toxic tasting.

What we put in our bodies, the air we breathe, the words we speak, the thoughts we think; the company we keep either heals or wounds.

Punctures cause wounds. Wounds manifest poisons from within, they secrete infectious fluids! The trail of toxins can be traced with precision through the inevitable scars they leave.

Depression, hopelessness,  confusion, sickness, insecurity, low-self esteem, suicidal thoughts, self-hate, jealousy, enviousness, ungratefulness and separation from God are just a few consequences of living toxic.

I know nobody wants to go there but suppose you’re already here? Do you know how to detox spiritually,  mentally and physically? Well, I can tell you from experience “God is the only One capable of accomplishing a spiritual detox!”

Your life won’t change drastically because you join a gym, change your diet, wardrobe, friends, job or start going to church. You have to make a conscious effort to change from within. God wants you to look good on the inside! It’s not enough to have a six-pack or coke-bottle shape masking an empty vessel.

The level of toxicity in the lives of some is scary.

“Is it possible to not perceive the presence, potential or power of toxic poison?”

I think it is!

You can be or live a certain way that’s wrong for so long that it starts to feel right. That’s an example of how malignant toxins work meticulously destroying lives. In the end, and if not stopped these toxins seek, kill and destroy.

“Identifying antidotes is a lifelong work.”

Before you can start a search for an effective antidote, you have to know exactly what kind of poison you’re dealing with. This means you gotta take a toxicity test; accept the test results and be brutally honest about the nature and extent of toxic waste infiltrating your life!

One of the most difficult tasks in life is taking on projects involving the eradication of one’s own personal toxic waste.

To successfully and effectively rid your body, mind, spirit and soul of toxins, you must petition the Lord in prayer. This is the only way.

Ask the Father to give you a clean heart, a hunger for healthy living and the strength to resist anything that threatens to poison the process or progress.

It’s never too late to give your burdens to the Lord. If you go boldly to Him, He will come to you.

Lord help me identify everything toxic in my life. Sometimes I get confused. I allow poisonous people to pour out evil spirits on, around…..and in me! Father please forgive mr.

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