Honesty is the best policy is much more than an old saying.” In a Christian’s life, “honesty is the only policy.” This requirement sounds like a no-brainer but let me tell you, walking with Jesus demands much more than brains. A brain whether good or bad can tell you something’s right when it’s wrong, especially when Satan gets in your head.

If you’ve been around the block some, you know it takes much more energy to keep up with untruths than it does to tell the truth. Yet, none of that matters to some folk. And yes, none of us are perfect, but most people strive to not lie or at least not make it a habit. You can lie without ever mumbling a word, your actions can do all the work. However, when you attach words to your actions you’ve upped the wrong, big time. Now you’ve given the untruth fuel. Everybody knows fuel has to be replenished……

God hates liars, and I can understand why. Liars ruin lives. Liars can’t be trusted. Liars live to embellish truth at any cost, so…..who needs them? Well, Satan loves a liar, because he’s all about tricks! In Satan’s army liars are indispensable. They make it possible for him to confuse people, mislead folk and steal their joy. Is this the kind of life you wanna live, the life of a liar? No, I don’t think so,

Strive to be honest as you journey through this often complicated life, because one day every one of us will have to explain our actions and lies!


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