Social Media Makes Minds of All Kind Matter


Times have changed! No longer can we pretend racism is a thing of the past, thanks to social media and it’s intentional mission to provide a free-form social networking platform to dialog, inform, enlighten and report, while keeping it real. You can speak your mind even if it only make sense in your head! On today’s social media websites, everyday people have 24/7 opportunities to go where they’ve never gone before, to get fed mentally, intellectually, socially or emotionally.

For those of us who indulge in social media, we know at times the truth does the opposite of setting us free, especially on social media. However, we take our chances anyway. We love to expand our reality.

Social media has single-handedly exposed every type of evil in the world, as well as those who perpetrate it. Once a post hits the internet highway, or pics and videos, the after-math is usually explosive, revealing and sometimes damaging, definately hard to contain.
Yet there are those who continue denying certain social ills are a thing of the past….doesn’t matter if it’s in black & white.

Today race issues as well as other prevalent social issues dominate every major social media website, especially #Facebook, #Twitter and #Google Plus. These sites also share mainstream and non-mainstream news articles on various topics. “You can’t find what they offer collectively and for free any other place.”

If you don’t understand the plight and fight of others, you can get schooled on Facebook. Some will say a lot off what you read on social media isn’t true? I say a lot of what I read or watch on mainstream media ain’t true! Also, any media source worth mentioning has a Facebook page? This means you can get the best of both world’s when visiting social media sites. Above all else get understanding!

I’m so happy to be alive during this era and to finally have a non-biased news and lifestyle specific relaying resource at my disposal. If I only had a choice between watching #FOX News or reading Facebook posts about or on current news and other stories, I’d choose Facebook hands down.

When #Facebook is used in the way it was intended, it’s a powerful resource!

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