Praying For Safe Passage


“Father God, Bless my husband and I, other truck Drivers, their riding companions and everybody else on the road this morning”

I’ve been on the road with my honey 11 days now. This journey is different than any other I’ve taken on. There’s a whole nother’ world out here, “it’s the world of truckers!” This lifestyle is not for most and definitely challenging.

I would never have thought I could function in such a small space, but I’m doing it. However,  Marcus said I brought too many clothes and other stuff???? When we go home we’ve gotta off-load some stuff, but somethings won’t be negotiable LOL

Thank all truckers, men and women who are on the road every single day delivering goods to your stores so you have food and clothing.  Lord, they go through so much stress making sure their freight is delivered on time.  When hazardous conditions arise I pray You keep us safe.  When running behind, give us Your peace in the moment. Father, I pray for safe journeys for all!  Amen

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