The Greatest Story Ever Told Is About Jesus Christ


You can choose to believe Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary on Christmas day or you can spend the rest of your life trying to disprove it. I choose to believe, because, frankly there’s just too much evidence of His miracles to deny His birth.

The story of the birth and life of Jesus Christ is unmatched by any other human’s life story; it’s also the greatest story ever told. God wants us to know that the story about His son Jesus Christ is not a fairy tale. “Reading about His life will change yours forever.”

Jesus was born in the year 4 B.C., in the city of David, Bethlehem. He was born of the virgin Mary, put inside her by the Holy Spirit. When Baby Jesus was born Angels announced His coming to all the world. Excluding Gods creation of heaven and earth; there has never been anything as magnificent as the birth of Jesus Christ, and there never will.

On this day, many moons ago, on what we call Christmas day, even shepherds  gave honor when this King was born. The event was so magnificent wise men were summoned from afar by the shining of a glorious star. Christmas day deserves praise and recognition  from all those who claim to love the Lord.

Fast forwarding: Baby Jesus was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, instead, He was raised in the small rural town of Nazareth. His father Joseph was a carpenter who taught him how to use the tools of his trade. Carpentry requires manual labor as well as special skills. “Jesus was a hard worker.” What about you? Is this the life you envision when you consider being more like Christ?

On this Christmas Eve, I want to begin my Christmas celebration by acknowledging and believing with all my heart, my Savior was truly born on Christmas day.

Next I want to thank Him for saving me and blessing me with my cell phone ministry.

I started my cell phone ministry on February 9, 2014, about a month after my sister Phyllis passed away in California. On that day, I identified about 18 people I thought I could ask if I could send daily inspirational text messages too, and not get cussed out. Yes I got permission first and still do.

Today that list has grown to  (71) people. Yes I send 71 people an inspirational text message almost every day. I have missed a few days, but not many.

I have 6 groups of 6-10, 4 groups of 2 and the rest didn’t want to be in a group, they get a personal daily inspirational text message. God is so good!

Thank all of you who told somebody who told somebody else, about this ministry and for praying for those who requested prayer from time to time.

I even have a couple of anonymous brothers or sisters too, they just texted me their cell number and asked to be added to our ministry, I still don’t know their names, but God does.

I’m so overjoyed today, hope you’re feeling it too. My goal is to add 29 more people to our list, reaching 100,  by the end of January, with your help of course. What a wonderful Christmas it’s been for me!

Merry Christmas everybody, have a wonderful day and I hope you’ll find a way to be a blessing to Jesus Christ first, by blessing another in word, thought or deed on this wonderful Christmas day.

Thank You Lord for keeping me, blessing me and protecting me, so I can honor the most celebrated birthday in the wide world. Merry Christmas to all of you.  Amen

Minister Neecy

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