It’s Me O’ Lord

If somebody rubbed you the wrong way yesterday, or at anytime when you couldn’t let go of it, especially that certain family member, let it go today.

Remember, it should never be about you, them or me. If you believe, then this whole life must be about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And if you find yourself still irritated, about whatever it is you’re irritated about, then most likely you are the broken one. Tell God now, it’s you standing in the need of prayer; not your mother, your brother, sister, friend or co-worker. You should know, spiritually damaged people can’t fix broken souls, because they need healing themselves.

As difficult as it seems, and no matter how upset other people make you, “sometimes you just have to accept that there is still good in everyone.” You even have to prepare to dig real deep to find it. Whatever you do, don’t expect to find more than you own yourself, then you won’t be disappointed should their measure prove to be minuscule.

The important thing to remember is "God commands us to love one another as we love ourselves." What a wonderful world it would be if more people did just that. How beautiful would it be if people knew and understood that Love is an action word, and it's more valuable than gold. That said; who of you can argue that love is so precious it's worth having to dig down really deep sometimes to get it out. You need love in your heart to see the good in others.

Lord give me a clean heart so I can love unconditionally. Help me love those who prove difficult to love.

Let go and let God today. Whatever you do, never bring yesterday’s problems into today. “Today already has its own.” People will be with you, until the end of time, good ones, bad ones and sick ones. Neither will be perfect, nor are you. You can’t die for them, they can’t die for you and nobody can change someone who doesn’t want change. God’s on the mainline for that. During times like these, fall down on your knees, say to the Father;

“It’s me O’Lord, standing in the need of prayer, will you help me accept that there are things I’ll never understand nor figure out.” And Lord will you show me how to take the speck out of my- own- eye, before attempting to remove one from another person’s eye…. hallelujah!

Lord give me courage, wisdom, patience and peace, everywhere troublesome people linger, so that I may be a blessing in their lives as well as in mine. Remove any inkling of anger, resentment, jealousy, or ill-feelings that have taken hold of me. Amen

Minister Neecy

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