A Prayer For Clarity In Life


Keep God with you everywhere you go, and when you get there give Him the glory.

There is no good place you can get too without God by your side. While Satan would have you believe otherwise, you should know he is a liar.

In times when things seem too good to be true or irresistible, ‘regardless of the consequences’ believe me, God is a not part of that!

“The fire responsible for that flame is an enemy.” We should avoid heading in that direction at all costs.

Lord deliver me from any thoughts of evil, and Father God, protect my mind, body and soul from Satan’s destructive hold, flaming hands and scortching tongue. Give me armour!

And thank you Lord, for never leaving me alone. I know I don’t thank You as often as I should, yet You still refuse to treat me as my sins deserve. My Lord, I am forever in your debt, truly humbled and in awe of your infinite graciousness.

Also Lord, please forgive me for acting as if I deserve even more. Sadly your child can be quite selfish at times.

However, in reality, “if I lived another thousand  years, I could never repay you for all you’ve done.”

So today I want to close by thanking You Jesus, for teaching me in the most loving and caring way, that I can never do anything worthy of mention in absence of your favor. Amen

Minister Neecy 

Minister Neecy

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