Lookout For Angels Desguised As Strangers



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May God bless you and give you peace in this storm.

Be warned, sometimes God sends angels disguised as strangers, to bless you. They may seem to be inconsequential or of no relevance to your life, but don’t be fooled, they are!

You can only meet then if you are approachable, humble, without anger or blame. Are you there yet?

If you treat others, strangers included, as you want to be treated, you’ll never mistake an angel for someone of little or no result.

“I woke up in a foul mood this morning.” I wasn’t angry with anybody though; for some reason I was feeling overwhelmed, as if I had a little too much on my plate. It kinda felt like I didn’t know which way to turn. Nothing seemed to be coming together for me. Sadly my mind wouldn’t even allow me to consider what God had already done in my life.

It’s like that sometimes, especially when you allow the evil one to poison your mind. He’ll tell you things that make you want to give up, doubt God and lean to your own understanding. The good thing is, God won’t let him confuse you for long. Because He is an all-knowing God, He knows when you’re under attack. For this reason, today turned out not to be the day I sold my soul to the devil…..NLOL

God gave me strength to jump up off that pity pot! He showed me how far He brought me, as well as where He was about to take me. This day I was saved from myself, once again. Everything I worried about went on its merry way. My burdens were lifted and yes! “God made a way out of what I initially saw as no way.”

Lord help me tolerate life’s challenges like You tolerate times when my faith is weak. Please chasten me when My attitude spews out evidence of ungratefulness. Lastly, would You forgive me for forgetting You can do all things! Amen

Minister Neecy

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