"If you live long enough a day will come when you feel obligated in some way to take care of a problem you didn't cause. That's paying a debt you didn't owe. 

As a mother, wife and grandmother my list goes on 
and on. Of course there are examples more memorable than
most, like the times I couldn't afford to buy 
myself something and the kids too.

Throughout my life I heard my mother say "when you 
have kids, you put your needs on the back burner!"

Today, I understand far too well what she meant. In essence 
mom was saying " children always came first." Back then and 
even now when I see my kid needs help, how much I have to 
sacrifice to help never enters my mind. The fact God blessed me so I can help makes my day every time. We I was a young 
mother, along with my husband or kid's father, we always put our children's needs first. Sacrifice was simply making ends meet with the help of the Lord. 

However, today I realize we made a lot of sacrifices; 
we loved our children and didn't want them to go without! 

Whether it's paying your child's lost book fees or paying fora speeding ticket you didn't get; you're sacrificing, paying a debt you don't owe, to spare another from experiencing
negative consequences, as a result of bad behavior or making poor decisions. That's love! That's sacrifice!

Lord I owe it all to You! As I continue my journey through 
this often difficult life, please help me fully understand 
and appreciate our Heavenly Father's sacrifice! Amen.

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