The Last Walk


Do you remember how good and special it felt for somebody you cared about to walk with you, when you were younger? I do!

Whether they walked you home from school, to your car, out of the club, through the park or along a lakefront ; the excitement, anticipation and joy associated with the experience can never be duplicated. It’s like an out-of-body experience!

So, this’last walk’ is even more special. Here God has called you to walk at least one or more of his children home, during your lifetime.

“The last walk home is the most important walk you’ll ever take.”

During this time, the Lord expects you to show his lost sheep the right way to go, no short- cuts or cake-walks. In fact, the last walk becomes a journey. On it travelers become new creatures in Christ. There will be blood sweat and tears!

“The upside is that there is no downside, because you’ll be walking with the Lord, all the way Home.”

“Thank you Lord, for sending angels my way to walk me home. ”

Minister Neecy

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