Your conduct defines who you are, by examining your heart at the time of your actions.

Before conducting life’s personal, spiritual or work related affairs, always ask yourself these questions:

1. Does my conduct honor or dishonor God?

  1. Your conscience should always be your guide when contemplating how to conduct yourself. Basically, if it doesn’t feel right, most likely it’s not. If you go forward anyway, well, you have only yourself to blame.

2. Does the action I’m about to take increase or decrease who I am?

Who among us, at some point in our lifetime, never did something so stupid, it made us look stupid? If ever there was an example of decreasing self, this is one of them. Since God is a God of increase, you know doing things that decrease us in any way, greatly sadden and displease God.

3. Are my intentions wholesome?

Pretending to say something good for the sole purpose of building somebody up to tear them down? Like saying something like; “Ooh! Your hair is pretty, but it’s so thin.” Really? You can see “bad intentions written all over this one.” Bad conduct is not a birthright,  it’s practiced behavior. Sadly, some people got it down to a science. There is nothing wholesome about saying hurtful things to folk, no matter how well intended.

4. Am I doing it out of love?

Love is the greatest gift one can give, but it can only manifest itself intentionally. If you don’t have love in your heart your life is a waste. You can’t do anybody any good. “In fact, you’re no good to yourself or anybody else!” People need more than you to just be there in their time of need; they need you to be there because you care about their needs. You shouldn’t have to wear a sign on your back that reads “I have the love of God in me!” It should radiate naturally.

5. Is it necessary?

Whenever something you’re about to do is questionable, ask yourself; is it necessary? Is it fair, right, and just? Better yet, will somebody come out better as a result of the act than they were before you acted?

Your life is not a mistake, but because you are not perfect, you will make mistakes. God forgives!

And saying, Repent,
think differently; change your mind, regretting your sins and changing your conduct), for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Matthew 3:2

Minister Neecy

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