How Do You Handle The Storms of Life?


Every now and then people need to hear about success stories involving weathering storms from other believers. There is nothing more powerful than listening to someone talk about how God brought them out. Testimonials are like gold.

It’s not enough to just casually say, something like “God saved me or kept me, but fail to share details. We need to hear about what He brought you through.

This week has been challenging for me and I’m usually the strong one. However, today I feel like I’m drowning on dry land, or like I on a ship that’s being tossed back and forth over an angry sea. It’s not just me either.

Over the last few days some of my cell phone ministry group members have experienced some heavy losses;

one lost his mother, another lost her sister. Please put your Arms around their hearts and hold it near, until such time when the pain has passed.

Their is even a third one who was  hospitalized just last night, for the 2nd time in less than 90 days. She’s scared I know, because she’s a breast cancer survivor, a young woman too, she asked for prayer from you.

And then there are those of us going through a different kind of storm, yours truly included. These storms are raging; the kind that test your faith, strength and patience. It’s me O’Lord, not my mother, not my sister and not my brother, it’s me Lord!

Maybe it’s a full moon, I don’t know. I do know there’s been a lot of tribulation and trials infiltrating lives of a lot of people I care about, people I meet and others I know of.

Prayer changes things! Tell us how you get through it. Is there a time in your life when you felt like giving up, or like the wind had left your sail?

Can you pray, maybe send up a special prayer, in your own kind of way, on behalf of the three people I specifically mentioned today, and on behalf of all of us catching (he double hockey sticks), you included, if the shoe fits.

Father God, come here please, help your children rise above these raging storms.Throw out life jackets to any who’ve already gone overboard. We need You today, more than ever before. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, or doubting Your power, but I need to be rejuvenated ASAP. This is a test! Are you too busy to do Gods work?

Today I’m asking readers to share a testimony or guidance during these  turbulent times, with people in a bad way emotionally. Lord, will you put it on there hearts to respond? Amen

Minister Neecy

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