Agape Love vs. Romantic Love


The essence of agape love is self-sacrifice. It is not romantic or sexual love, close friendships or brotherly love.

Agape love can’t be phathomed by most, because it’s a love so infinite and deep, as well as of God, Who is love, no human is capable of comprehending it’s wonder.

Agape love can be described as unique, and clearly distinguished by its very nucleus, which is made up of cells of God’s love. At it’s core is God, Who is love.

Most people don’t have a clue about the true essence of Agape love. They can’t explain or process it. Simply put, the subject of Agape love is too deep and complicated for the average person, religious or not, to truly digest or present; especially those already struggling to express love to eachother the normal way.

Really, how can somebody who hasn’t spoken to somebody in years, months or days, out of anger; or whose envious or jealous of someone, honestly and convincingly speak about the essence of Agape love?

God doesn’t just love those who love Him, He loves all of the Father’s creations, even those who don’t love Him. That’s no easy task.

“Yes, God is love.” Agape Love.

Unlike man, everything God does He does out of love. And He loves the mean-spirited, the selfish, the poor, the rich and the unpopular. That’s Agape love, which only exists in God.

Dying for people who don’t even like or acknowledge you takes a more than a lot of love. It takes a love unlike any man has or will ever be capable of, Agape love!” Jesus Christ refused to treat us as our sins deserved, thats Agape love. He loves us no matter how hard we resist. Agape love. “He died for our sins, for heaven’s sake!” That’s Agape love at it’s best.

Who among us would send our only child, to die an excruciating death, for the sole purpose of saving a bunch of unappreciative sinners? The targets of God’s agape love never do anything to merit or entitle themselves to His love. In essence we are undeserving recipients, upon whom He lavishes His magnificent love. I don’t know about you, but I’m forever in his debt.

Agape Love is something you and I are incapable of! Thank You Jesus, for loving me unconditionally.

Minister Neecy

Minister Neecy

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