Good morning everyone.

God has blessed us to see another day. I’m so glad He’s the center of my joy. As the song says “all that’s good and perfect comes from Him.”

I have faith God will provide, comfort and guide me in the right direction concerning everything I do, say or feel. My faith keeps me grounded.

Without faith my life would be like a slow-motion nightmare, where I lived in constant fear of never rising to the occasion. But because I serve and believe in a Mighty God, today, that is not the case. Hallelujah!

There are two kinds of faith; saving faith and spiritual faith, which is a special gift of the Holy Spirit. Let’s talk a little about the gift of special faith. God gave the gift of special faith to some, but not all. People with this gift have a stronger faith than the average believer. They have a “let go of the steering wheel and not be afraid of crashing kinda faith.”

In essence, those who have it are not afraid to let go and let God, because they expect, in absence of proof, and beyond a shadow of doubt, God will deliver in the end.

Needless to say, you  must have a strong relationship with God to be blessed with the gift of Faith. Faith requires pure trust.

Having the gift if faith is something money can’t buy, you can’t earn it and nobody deserves it. It’s like seeing yourself in the future, and allowing that unsupported vision to cause you to believe, you’re gonna make it there in spite of, having no apparent odds of any kind to compare or measure too.

Basically, the gift of faith compels you to believe with all your heart, God will bring you to wherever it is you need to be. Thank You Lord for giving me the Gift of faith.

Minister Neecy


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