You Can’t Find Love Where Love Don’t Exist



“What speaks to me today.”

God is the only One who can crack a Hardened Heart!

If it feels like you’ve waited all your life for a particular someone to forgive you, love you, or accept you: be ready to take that unfulfilled desire to the grave, unless of course that someone finds Jesus!

When a person acts or behaves a certain way for so long, undeterred, his or her ways begin to feel normal.

One of the most difficult realizations in life is to learn that some people in this world are plain evil, mean or just downright hateful. Having a hard heart is such a heavy burden to bear, for both the loving person and the hateful one. It’s a double whammy when they are blood relatives.

Many years ago, I was having a conversation with my late aunt, Nannie. I shared my frustration about an older co-worker who would never say “good morning back to me when I spoke to her.” I expressed just how mean she was and that I had decided I was just gonna stop saying good morning to her.

Nannie said; don’t let her cause you to be mean and hateful like her. She also said, the woman didn’t get like that over night, so you won’t change her overnight. She added, “usually, when you see a mean and hateful older person, you’re looking at a once mean and hateful young person.”

My aunt said, they don’t get any sweeter over time.”I’ve found that to be true.”Unkind people,nwell they perfect their skills over time!

“Basically, you will never find love, where love don’t exist!”

However, we can always put some there, by giving some. But it’s important to remember love is not allowing somebody to mistreat you emotionally or physically. Sometimes you have to Love from afar. Never ever give anybody permission to hate on you, by giving them your heart, unless you want it broken.

Minister Neecy


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