Still Dreaming: RIP Dr. Martin L King Jr


The only consulation I find when I look at the state of race relations today, is knowing, “one day this nightmare will be over.”

Sure, we are not where we used to be, but we still have a long way to go. Racism is in no way a thing of the past.
Dr.King lived to make and keep issues involving hatred, racism and prejudice highly visible, contrary to what we see in modern-day civil and equal rights movement so-called leaders or groups today.

Racism has evolved into a powerful institution. This institution is prevalent in all walks of life. From the church steps to the court steps, minorities, women, poor people, mentally ill and homeless people still suffer in ways they ought not too. Sadly, they often suffer at the hands of peopke who claim to know or have a relationship with Jesus. How stupid is that? “Really, you know you can’t hate your brother or sister,  yet profess to love the Lord!”

What has been done can never be undone; that’s why it’s called history. However, we would be much better off, if those who came after Dr.King understood, as well as, knew more, about his struggle. I was about 11 years old when Dr.King was assinated in 1968. I can still remember seeing my mother watching the news of his murder, as tears ran down her face.

Although I was too young to really grasp the significance of Martin L King’s life, death and legacy then, I still felt some of mom’s pain. Seeing her cry while watching TV, about news  somebody got shot, made me know this man meant something big.

RIP Dr. Martin L. King. Although the work you started decades ago is still not completed, there has been progress and without a doubt, your efforts were not in vain.

Minister Neecy

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