Find Your Purpose In Life?


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Have you been wondering what your purpose in life is?

If the answer is yes, “start identifying desires in life you not only obsess about, but are also uncontrollably passionate about.”

“Purpose does not exist without passion.”

“Once you search and identify your desires; end anything God wouldn’t approve of.”

You’ll be left with at least one insatiable appetite, working overtime, tempting you to do something wonderful, great, rewarding and worthy of God’s praise.

Brace yourself my brother! Hold on tight my sister! Make 2015 a year of purpose. Get ready and be willing to accept God’s plan for your life.

Dear Lord, show me your plans for my life. Bless me with wisdom, faith, love and joy, so I can serve Your purpose and one day hear you say, well done. Amen

Minister Neecy

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