Thanksgiving Day Tip



Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Today is the official government authorized day to give thanks to God for all blessings in life, both good and seemingly bad.

If you know like I know, there are not enough minutes in the day to thank the Lord for all He’s done. That’s why we need to give thanks everyday and every chance we get.

You can give thanks without uttering a word or making a gesture. The best conversations with God take place in the privacy of your head. In other words, you have no excuse not too!

Need a hint?

Thank you Lord,  for waking me this morning,  allowing me to see another day.

And, thank you Lord for giving me food to eat and the ability to feed my family, while doing the same for at least one other. Father God, thank you for creating food pantries so Your less fortunate can eat, especially churches that see fit to mobilize and implement food ministries.

Thank You,  Thank You,  Thank You. Amen

Minister Neecy

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