Encourage One Another Daily


In the Book of Jeremiah, among other things, the Lord warned his people to always encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today.”

The reason for the warning was to make people understand the urgency of now and the reality that tomorrow could be too late.

The longer one lives unencouraged the more hopeless they become. Today is the day to do good by somebody, in hopes of preventing at least one from becoming  hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

Whenever you meet someone who appears hopeless or void of any evidence of the Holy Spirit, bear witness to yours. By example, encourage them in a way that makes doubting the power of God, inconceivable!

There was a time in my life when people could tell I was a nice person but didn’t see the Holy Spirit in me. I know this because I know at that time, the Holy Spirit wasn’t in me.  You have to be a new creature in Christ to be filled with the Holy Spirit. To put it simple, you have to be a changed person.

Sadly, just because you go to church, smile whan you first meet people or give homeless people money, doesn’t mean you’re a new creature in Christ. New means different, clean, polished, unstained or blemish free. The only way to see a newness in life is to repent of your sins and change the way you live, as well as how you treat people who don’t care about or even like you.

I’ll bet you’re thinking it sounds hard to get the Holy Spirit in you.Well if you are, don’t. Getting the Holy Spirit to live inside you is only hard if your heart is hard. When you accept the Lord as Savior He gives you His gift of the Holy Spirit.

It’s not easy being imperfect. I know because I’m not perfect.

Today you can make a difference.

Minister Neecy

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