You Don’t Belong To You

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How shocked were you, to learn and truly understand, your body doesn’t belong to you? I know there are many who still don’t know or comprehend that…..but….

The evidence is indisputable.

And the lack of understanding, well, it shows in the way you dress, speak, feed your body, brain and heart. Also, who you choose to associate with, listen too, or follow, is even more compelling!

Long story short, everything we do in life, affects the temple (our body) in one way or another.

“Your body, God’s temple, is either a billboard for Jesus, or a sign Satan is in control.”

“If the Lord returned today, would He approve of the way you’ve cared for his temple?”

Once you come to know your body belongs to God, you begin to take special care in how you treat it. You definitely don’t put just anything in it, on it , or around it?

Knowing who you belong too, is the most important piece of wisdom you could ever have. To not know, is to deny the preciousness of God’s gift of life, which by the way, Jesus Christ died on the cross so you would know it!

It’s not easy recognizing tainted temples. In fact, in error, often we tend to pass them off as our own.


Minister Neecy



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