1 “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, ‘Here am I, here am I.” Isaiah 65:1

The day you reach the lowest point of your life, yet feel as if you’re on top of the world, is the day God made you whole. And, no matter how high you get, that day of lowliness will come and it will be a good day.

When I was a young woman, I used to listen to older women talk about life, every chance I got. I also began to mentally compare notes between those talking, as well to their different lifestyles. One day I remember hearing a woman say, “the biggest problem she had with men is they like to spoil her.” When she completed that statement, I had to do a double-take, and I almost fell off my chair! I thought,” what in the world was this chick on?” Talking about picking one’s poison! This one’s brain was fried and she didn’t even know it!

You see, this woman was actually (sharing), in a women’s group I was facilitating? The group was a drug & alcohol recovery group, for incarcerated women. Yes, she was an inmate, about 28 years old, front teeth missing, kids in foster care and she was homeless, when she got arrested. I could tell she was a diamond in the rough, but whether she would ever shine again was questionable. The world had done a real job on her.

I couldn’t help but think;”how could she be in so deep, she doesn’t realize she’s lost? Not only, was she lying to herself about how men treat her; she didn’t even realize, she herself had become spoil. As I listen to her go on and on about variations of her personal and romantic life, my heart became heavy. God began to speak to me. He reminded me, of just how blessed and favored I was, because, I was facilitating this group, and the program was a faith-based drug & alcohol treatment program. What this meant was “I could minister, and not deny the Lord, by referring to Him as some form of a higher power.” I was free to give Him the glory and let this broken vessel know, she was a wreck in waiting. The Good News was God was waiting to pull her out. In my heart I prayed, out of my lips I counseled and my eyes secretly wept. I realized I could have been her….

This was the first time of many times to come, that God directed my steps in group. He equipped my tongue for spreading the Gospel in an unlikely place, and in an unusual way. Lucky for me, these women had already unsuccessfully tried everything under the sun, to help them get clean and sober. Obviously nothing worked, or they would not have been there. Some were triple or more, repeat offenders. Each offense was more serious than the one before. Their lives had hit a brick wall, causing them to spiral down, eventually hitting rock bottom. That’s where they thought they were, rock bottom. But I had news for them. They were really on their way back to the top or to a higher place, than they had been in a very long time!

The time had come, for each one of them, to stop reaching for things that served no wholesome purpose in their lives. Basically, the entire group was in place where they unfamiliar to them, and it was the lowest point of their life. Now, through me, God could work with them. What a wonderful feeling.

One of the most daunting tasks in life, is to keep reaching for things, the kind that destroy and only give temporary gratification! No matter how much you acquire, it’s never enough, not to make your life feel complete. Soon emptiness becomes an all too common way of life. Whether its drugs, lover’s, spouses, material things, or the like: without God, none of this means anything.

Too bad, “earthly possessions can never fill voids reserved for the Holy Spirit.”

It behooves every one of us, to stop reaching, quit while you’re ahead; you already have more than your deeds deserve! Like the women in my group, back in the day; though they did not ask for the Lord, He revealed Himself to them. He’s doing the same for you, as we speak or as I write. You need Him now.

The first step to recovery, of any kind, is to admit you are powerless! Then give it over to God, believing He will change your life, for the asking. Try thanking Him for what’s He’s already given you? Once you do that, He gives you more. Oh, it takes a lot to recover from recklessness of any nature, but God is able. God is able!

God wants to spoil you for real.

Minister Neecy

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