Sowing Tending and Watering



Sowing, tending and watering builds strength and spiritual character. “You only see something good come out, if you put something good in.”

A good work is never a waste of time.

Satan will try to convince you otherwise, but God will always allow you to reap what you’ve sown, to prove the he’s a liar.

Try your best to sow good seed during your lifetime. That way, when your life is over, the Lord will say to you “well done.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s a day I’m longing to see. All I need to make that a reality is the Lord’s Grace, to cover me when I’m not living up to His standards. He’ll do that for me and you, because He already knows his children are not perfect and will never be. He gives us Grace in exchange for tending his field.

Grace is like an insurance policy ; anybody willing to pay the premiums can get covered. “There’s one major difference though.” Unlike insurance premiums, which vary in price and type of coverage; the price of Grace never changes and there’s only one type.

To experience or receive Grace, you have to believer, and acknowledge God when you have sinned. Admission of guilt or sin is the first step toward repentance. God needs to hear your voice to know you truly understand the nature and extent of your transgressions.

You see, sin is the product of an unkept field. It is also the remnant of something untended, seldom watered and hastily sown. God wants us to take our time planting His seeds. He also wants them put in the ground right, so they grow and multiply. To grow and multiply seeds have to take root. To take root they need water and must be tended too….

In essence,The Lord wants you to start reaping good things. “To do that, you have to plant better crops and look after them more attentively, as though you’re tending them for Jesus, until He returns!”

Minister Neecy

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